• All routine basic examination equipment for Ear, Nose and Throat exams
  • Audiology equipment for routine hearing testing, tympanometry, ABR (evoked response testing), otoacoustic emissions, and video-ENG (Vestibular function testing)
  • Equipment for hearing aide selection, testing, and diagnostics
  • Flexible endoscopic equipment
  • Sinus endoscopy equipment
  • Somnoplasty, coblation, and injection snoreplasty equipment to treat snoring in the office
  • Cosmetic imaging equipment
  • Minor surgery facility (biopsies, scar treatment, botox, collagen injection)
  • Emergency resuscitation equipment
  • Allergy testing and immunotherapy equipment/facility
  • EMG monitoring for Botox injections
  • Transnasal esophagoscopy with functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and sensory threshold testing (Franklin Square)
  • Videostroboscopic evaluation of voice disorders (Franklin Square & GBMC)